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Music used under CC BY-SA 3.0 obtained from Open Game Art.

Glitchy Battle By Pant0don - Their Soundcloud

Arcade Soundtrack By hanzlab - I wasn't able to find more on this artist sorry! I'll edit this if I find out more.

JUICY is a game about Juicy the Bat trying to collect all the fruit and defeat the fruit-stealing Professor Nogooniki!!!! Jump, glide, and cling to walls in this very short game. Features two levels and a boss battle!

Basically I made this game over a week, so it's real short. I just wanted to get something out so thus this cute project was born. There's no title screen!! I hope you enjoy!


X/Button A: Jump

C/Button X: Glide

Down While Clinging: Drop

Hit start at the end screen to restart the game!

ESC exits the game.

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AuthorLily Cutesmith

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and enjoy!


Juicy V1.zip 4 MB