A downloadable game for Windows

This is a fan game of the Touhou Project, and is not affiliated with ZUN.

Cirno hears there's trouble, so she goes on a short adventure!

Default Controls (Changable in the Options menu):

Keyboard/360 Controller

X/A - Jump

C/X - Attack

V/B Sub-Weapon (Not in the game/Doesn't exist, but was planned)

Space Bar/Start Button - Pause

Control/Select  - Warp to last checkpoint (Use on Pause Screen)

Note: There's no sound effects or music, so just put on your favorite Cirno theme arrange/remix and enjoy.

Game is technically over once you beat the boss! But you can keep playing if you want after it! No saving!

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and start playing!


CirnoQuest.zip 1 MB


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I like the checkpoints. I found some hidden treasure $_$. I don't enjoy fighting the little orange fairies.

The game is cool, but fairies are too op pls nerf (jk)

very cool!