A downloadable game

This is a fan game of the Touhou Project, and is not affiliated with ZUN.

Code & Graphics by: Lily Cutesmith (https://twitter.com/Terrorbuns)

Music by: Tyangerine (https://twitter.com/mintdeagon)

Font is from https://chevyray.itch.io/pixel-fonts

Help Marisa deliver love letters to her various girlfriends!

Default Keyboard Controls:

X - Jump

C - Shoot

Arrow Keys - Move

Space - Pause

Didn't test as thoroughly as I'd like so the game might have weird bugs I didn't catch!

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and enjoy!


MarisaLoveLetters.zip 37 MB


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Nice! A bit too retro-hard for my taste/ability, but it has the right feel to it.

Keyboard control doesn't work if a gamepad is plugged in, which thoroughly confused me.