A downloadable game for Windows

MULTI GAL is an Action Platformer where you play as MULTI GAL through various stages, defeat the stage's boss, and obtain their power!


Arrow Keys/D-Pad - Move Around

X - Jump (A on XBox 360 Controller)

C - Shoot (X on XBox 360 Controller)

Down + X - Slide

Start/Space Bar - Pause

Select/Z - Switch Weapons

MULTI GAL is compatible with 360 Controllers! It should auto-detect them if there's one plugged in.


UPDATE 1_2: Fixed some bugs involving pausing and "puzzle" elements, HOPEFULLY fixed a crash that could happen at the end of boss fights.

UPDATE 1_3: MULTI GAL now has music and sound, thanks to Ryan Melmoth! Also a lot of bug fixes and minor alterations.

UPDATE 1_4: Almost a year later, another update! This update brings some Quality of Life changes as well as some very minor changes to things most people are probably not gonna notice. You can now select weapons via the SELECT button, and can choose your weapon in the pause screen by hitting the Pause button again.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorLily Cutesmith
Average sessionA few minutes



Install instructions

Download, unzip, and enjoy!

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The boss invulnerability when you shoot them makes them far harder than they need to be.

I made a video gameplay of your demo. Fun and retro, really cool! Only gripe I had was, at the default resolution I had a bit of a hard time telling when my hit immunity had passed. Then again that could probably be solved with non-video ques too, I dunno.

I had recorded it before the V1.1 update though so put anything I say in that context.

ho-boy that boss was really megaman hard.