A downloadable game for Windows

MULTI GAL is an Action Platformer where you play as MULTI GAL through various stages, defeat the stage's boss, and obtain their power!


Arrow Keys/D-Pad - Move Around

X - Jump (A on XBox 360 Controller)

C - Shoot (X on XBox 360 Controller)

Down + X - Slide

Start/Space Bar - Pause

MULTI GAL is compatible with 360 Controllers! It should auto-detect them if there's one plugged in.

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UPDATE 1_2: Fixed some bugs involving pausing and "puzzle" elements, HOPEFULLY fixed a crash that could happen at the end of boss fights.

UPDATE 1_3: MULTI GAL now has music and sound, thanks to Ryan Melmoth! Also a lot of bug fixes and minor alterations.

More information

Published315 days ago
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download, unzip, and enjoy!


MULTI GAL V1_3.zip (4 MB)


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I made a video gameplay of your demo. Fun and retro, really cool! Only gripe I had was, at the default resolution I had a bit of a hard time telling when my hit immunity had passed. Then again that could probably be solved with non-video ques too, I dunno.

I had recorded it before the V1.1 update though so put anything I say in that context.

ho-boy that boss was really megaman hard.